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Interested applicants should review the Millennium Alliance Innovation Solicitation Document MillenniumAlliance before submitting a Letter of Interest (LOI). Selected candidates from the LOI round will later be invited to submit a Full Application. 
As requested in the LOI, applicants should concisely describe the purpose of the project, summarize the project’s goals and impact, and include financial information for the project among other criteria in the LOI. If the Millennium Alliance review committee finds the project proposed in the LOI to be responsive to its selection criteria, then the applicant will be invited to submit a Full Application. Please note that an invitation to submit a Full Application does not constitute intent to award.
Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of the information that they submit.
Please be precise and do not cross the word limit.
Applicants who submitted an LOI as part of the Round 1 or 2 application process must re-apply to be considered for Round 3 funding.
Please note that while filling up the question on Development Status, you must clearly indicate the Stage that your project/innovation corresponds to. Projects falling under Stage 3 may be considered for support in Less Income Countries (LICs) on a solo or a hybrid model (with India). Low Income Countries are as by World Bank. See the list of LICs here. Refer to the Solicitation Document for further clarity.
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