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Women Entrepreneurs for Energy Efficient Slum Homes


1) Auditing services to educate households on nuances of energy usage such as bill calculation, appliance’s wattage consumption, changes in wiring to reduce energy wastage, and use of renewable and energy efficient products

2) Sale of customized green energy technologies such as solar lighting-cooling systems; CFLs, LED, stoves, innovative building technology such as Roof Ventilation & Modular insulated roof systems

3) End-user financing with tailored loans & flexible collection

4) After sales service


The energy paradigm of urban poor in slums is characterized by illegal and irregular access to electricity, and very high inefficiencies in energy use. Most slum dwellings are constructed with cement sheets, plastic covers & tin sheets that absorb heat, create stuffy and hot living conditions, require more energy to cool down and make the poor more susceptible to climate change risks. Also poor light & ventilation makes the households depend more on electrical lighting & cooling. Poor building quality coupled with use of low efficiency light bulbs, faulty electrical installations, and limited awareness about green energy contributes to high-energy consumption among slum households.


The organization believes that the most effective way of ensuring continued access to modern energy in slums is through mobilizing women, & empowering them to procure better services for themselves.Towards this, MHT helps women in poor communities organize themselves into CBOs & mentors them to address development needs of slums. Women leaders from CBOs are trained to interface with Govt. & service/product providers & developed as micro entrepreneurs. MHT plans to intensify their efforts in Bhopal & expand our energy program through this women led model to 3 states where we have a strong grassroots presence.

About the Organization:

MHT is an autonomous organization promoted by SEWA in 1994. Their mission is to ensure dignified home, dignified work, dignified life for poor women, for whom their home is a productive asset. MHT's programs address basic needs including water, sanitation, energy, housing & land rights. Community mobilization & capacity building is key to their work. They have facilitated formation of 485 CBOs & enabled improved living conditions in 895 slums in 14 cities, 6 states in India. They have facilitated 42,000 water & 180,000 electric connections & solid green energy products to 23,000 households.



Expression of Interest
Sector : Clean Energy
Organization: Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT)
Innovator : Mr Bhavna Maheriya
Submission Round : Round 4
Website: Click Here