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Saans - A device to keep, lungs of neonates with RDS open while transferring them from a low resource setting to an NICU.


Saans is a low cost and easy to use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device, used to maintain a pre-set constant pressure, constant air flow in the lungs of neonates and infants ( to prevent collapse of the alveoli) while they are being transferred to a higher centre for advanced care. The product being of an entirely mechanical assembly operates without any power and could be used by a minimally trained person (ASHA workers/ ANMs/parents/relatives) without any external supervision from a trained medical professional unlike the other CPAP's available in the market.


The transition from intrauterine life requires major changes to the respiratory and circulatory systems of the neonate to maintain adequate respiratory gas exchange without the benefits of the placental circulation. In most instances, this complex series of events goes quite smoothly. However, some babies develop respiratory distress, necessitating evaluation and possible neonatal intensive care. As per WHO, the incidence of respiratory distress in the new-born period ranges from 2.9% to 7.6%, also 4.3% of all new-borns may require supplemental oxygen therapy. A recent study suggests that around 15 million babies are born premature every year, and around 1.14 million of these die because of Respiratory distress.

In India alone we lose around162000 babies annually of which around 32 per cent die while they are being transported to a tertiary care hospital from the rural PHCs.


The project will be piloted in the state of Karnataka and after proving efficacy, it will be scaled to 5 states and later pan India within a plan of 2 years. We will start operation in Africa simultaneously in collaboration with Mbrara University (MUST), where they have already established connections, to get access to African markets.

About the Organization:

COEO Labs is an India based Medical Technology Startup Company, which develops innovative medical devices with focus on Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care.



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Sector : Health
Organization: Coeo Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : Mr. Nachiket Deval
Submission Round : Round 3
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