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Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS)


Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS) is a patent applied, award winning invention which reduces the treatment cost for cardiovascular diseases by 55%. It makes treatment safe and affordable for millions of underprivileged population in India and similar developing nations.

Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS) is an automatic computer guided Catheter cleaning machine with inbuilt self-testing and calibration which guarantees 100% cleaning of catheter. CRS inbuilt computer stringently monitors every process and effectively cleans catheters with precision and accuracy. This is not possible with conventional method. It also eliminates all kind of human error.


According to WHO, “Cardiovascular diseases (i.e. Heart, Brain and Vascular diseases) are the number 1 cause of death globally, killing 17.5 million people every year”. According to World Bank, 82% of these deaths occur in middle & lower income group because of very expensive treatment. India has highest number of patients (32 Million) with 67% of population living in poverty. 8 out of 10 patients are unable to afford expensive treatment cost and lose their life.


Worldwide healthcare regulatory agencies such as US FDA, NABH, JCI, etc., have issued guidelines for reuse of catheters to make treatment cost effective. Worldwide hospitals started reusing catheters using manual method in which user cleans catheters with syringes using chemical and water. After cleaning, catheters are sterilized by ETO. But current method does not standardized cleaning quality and is prone to human errors.

About the Organization:

Incredible Devices Pvt. Ltd. (IDPL) is a medical device manufacturing company with a mission to make healthcare safe and affordable by developing solution which reduces treatment cost especially befitting poor people and population at large.

IDPL developed Catheter Reprocessing System which has been tested by SRL Labs as per international guidelines and also has been accepted by one of leading private group of hospitals in India. IDPL intends to benefit 36 lakh poor patients by 5 year with CRS. Patent has also been filed. CRS has benefited more than 50 thousand CVD patients till date. According to Global Industry Reported, Aug 2015. Cardiovascular catheter accounted for the largest product segment for USD 10.17 Billion and is increasing by a CAGR of 13.4%. There are approx. 18000 Hospitals in India with 32 million CVD patients.



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Sector : Health
Organization: Incredible Devices
Innovator : Ms. Rajwinder Kaur
Submission Round : Round 5
Website: Click Here