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Mobile Partograph mLabour


Dimagi aims for a more comprehensive redesign of the partograph that is designed for the local context and low-resource settings.

Working in collaboration with local and international design consultants and content experts, this past year Dimagi developed a prototype of the mLabour application in India through funding from Grand Challenges Canada Rising Stars. mLabour is a simple mobile application that provides real-time graphing and decision support to healthcare providers in order to assess the course of labour and carry out appropriate interventions if and when necessary. The mLabour prototype has built-in WHO protocols and incorporates Indian specific workflows observed during the formative research.

To address the challenges and complexity in the healthcare system that have resulted in the low usage of the partograph to date, Dimagi has built a mobile phone and tablet-based partograph tool called mLabour.


Although the majority of maternal deaths are preventable, each year an estimated 287,000 mothers die during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period (Hogan et al., 2010) with almost all of these deaths (99%) occurring in developing countries (WHO 2012). Despite renewed efforts to improve health outcomes, in 2012, India's maternal mortality rate (MMR) remained high at 178 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. India's National Rural Health Mission has identified prolonged and obstructed labour as two primary causes for maternal mortality as, and both are key focus areas under the RMNCH+A initiative.


Despite the WHO's recommendation of universal use, the partograph has not achieved widespread adoption across India. The development of a comprehensive mobile partograph tool, designed and tested for the local Indian context addresses a large need in the Indian healthcare system for combatting maternal mortality through prevented and obstructed labour. In developing the mLabour application, Dimagi has focused on creating a tool that can be easily replicated and used across the Indian context by healthcare providers at various levels. After developing and finalizing a standardized mobile partograph and incorporating feedback from various levels in the Indian healthcare system, Dimagi will work in partnership with hospitals, NGOs, and the government to deploy the tool across labour wards in India.

About the Organization:

Founded in 2002 out of MIT's Media Lab, Dimagi is a software social enterprise that develops technologies to improve service delivery in underserved communities.Dimagi operates on the belief that enabling high-quality mobile solutions at scale can impact millions of people's lives by transforming frontline programs' ability to deliver high-value services at the last mile.



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Sector : Health
Organization: Dimagi
Innovator : Rushika Shekhar
Submission Round : Round 3
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