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Smart NanoPower for Socioeconomic Development of Villages


The organization has invested years of effort to understand the challenges of energy access and have developed a holistic solution – Smart NanoPower™ – with a ‘systems’ approach to address these challenges. The key interventions are (1) Smart Nanogrid™ for uninterrupted, reliable green energy supply; smart microgrid with remote monitoring and control; and transparent e-governance; (2) NanoSkill for development of locally relevant skilled workforce and (3) NanoBiz for creating and implementing microenterprises including sustainable business models for Smart Nanogrid that are scalable and geared for local adaptations. 


The socioeconomic development of India’s marginalized rural and agricultural communities, needs interventions to move them up the value chain by establishing ‘micro-enterprise zones (MEZs)’ for agro- and related livelihood activities, leading to ‘Gram Swaraj’. Creation of livelihood and microenterprise activities will, in turn, reduce the pressure on agriculture and land, and lead to triple bottom-line impact. Access to energy, creation of business models and development of locally relevant skills play key roles in the goals of socio-economic development. 


The worldwide microgrid market is estimated to reach USD 34.94 Billion by 2022, while India is expected to reach $2 billion by 2020. SunMoksha’s USP is replicable, scalable, sustainable technology and on-the-ground grassroots experience. SunMoksha will address this huge potential through strategic partnerships and dealer network across various geographies. SunMoksha provides its know-how, its Smart Nanogrid™ platform, and long-term hand-holding and technical support to sustain the project over its life. A few pilots will be owned and operated by SunMoksha, but it will scale through licensing its technology and know-how, as well as, hand holding the implementing organization or entrepreneur for technical support and knowledge upgrades. We have a target of achieving one thousand village projects over the next 5 years, reaching approximately 50,000 to 100,000 BOP beneficiaries.

About the Organization:

SunMoksha is an integrator and provider of sustainable energy and water solutions for rural development as well as for urban sustainability. For rural segment, their mission is to empower the BOP for economic growth through their holistic solution, Smart NanopowerTM, to address the challenges of sustainable energy access. Their key technical intervention is Smart NanogridTM - a comprehensive solution to manage operations of a microgrid. Smart NanogridTM also manages energy, water, waste and other resources for cities, townships, industries, institutions and individuals-offered to urban segment.



Expression of Interest
Sector : Clean Energy
Organization: SunMoksha Power Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Ashok Kumar Das
Submission Round : Round 4
Website: Click Here