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Producing More with Less: Promoting Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative


Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) is an innovative method developed by AgSri espousing methods to reduce inputs while increasing the productivity of sugarcane plantation.


A need to radically transform Sugarcane cultivation as average yields are stagnating while cost of cultivation is rising. The current method of sugarcane cultivation is seed, water and fertilizer intensive. Ergo a need to reduce inputs while increasing its productivity.


SSI seeks to improve the yield, reduce the inputs of water and fertilizer by planting sugarcane 'seedlings' as opposed to 8/10 tonnes per hectare of sugarcane 'seeds'.

  • SSI creates rural jobs especially for women as it employs them in the process of manufacturing of seedlings.
  • SSI saves large quantities of water and upsurges productivity.

About the Organization:

AgSri brings grassroots research experiences to scale agricultural innovations in making farming profitable to farmers and industry. They aim to be the leading global providers of innovative sustainable solutions to the growers, agri industry chain and water sector.



Expression of Interest
Sector : Agriculture
Organization: AgSri
Innovator : Mr. Biksham Gujja
Submission Round : Round 2
Website: Click Here