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Portable Solar Cotton Picking Machine


In 2012, Agventures Corporation started working towards developing the first prototype of the solution. The innovation is a portable backpack solar cotton picking machine.

The product consists of a light weight portable solar panel that can be mounted on the worker's back or head. Workers will mount the solar panel on their back or head and connect the cotton picking machine (attached with a cotton collection bag) to the solar panel. They will then harvest the cotton lint using the solar powered cotton picking machine. During usage, the portable battery stores the extra power that is generated by the solar panel. The stored power can be used in the evening by farmers to light their homes and run home appliances. The invention deploys the use of solar energy to run a cotton picking machine. The circuits behind the solar panel are designed to convert solar power to electricity at the required levels to drive the cotton picking machine; and to store the additional power generated in a battery for later usage at home.


Cotton harvesting in India & Africa is done by hand. Handpicking of cotton is labour intensive, tiresome and ergonomically challenging.

Due to the staggered blooming characteristics of Indian cotton hybrids and small sized farm holdings, the large fully automated cotton harvesters used in the US are not considered suitable for Indian farming conditions.

Many villages in India & Africa have acute power shortage or have no electricity at all. This necessitated a harvesting solution without the use or electricity or AC recharged batteries


India has 12 million hectares of cotton grown by 8 million farmers; Africa has 1.2million hectares of cotton. This gives us a total potential of 10 million farmers = 10 million machines. Feasible mechanical harvesting solutions are either unavailable or unfeasible. Agventures Corporation intends to reach out to farmers in these geographies through an effective distribution system, cotton ginneries and mills, government subsidy programmes, farmer co-operatives and agri input partners. This will be complemented by customer focused operations through farmer education (to break age old barriers), farmer advocacy, product warranties and a strong after sales service back up.

About the Organization:

Agventures Corporation is a reputed agricultural inputs and equipments manufacturer, exporter and consultant. Their products and services are aimed at improving the lives of subsistence farmers and the rural populace worldwide.



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Sector : Agriculture
Organization: Agventures Corporation
Innovator : Mr. Sunil Kumar
Submission Round : Round 3
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