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The mission of ICCO Cooperation is to contribute to poverty alleviation and social justice in communities and countries where it can have an impact and make a difference. It is a global organization and the strong voice of marginalized people. It focuses on global public goods, international and economic justice, gender equality, human rights, food security and climate in the 44 countries it works in. It creates links between local and international groups. It is in this interaction that ICCO Cooperation as a global civil society organization plays a linking role. It believe change depends both on the entrepreneurial capacity of individual people and on the capacity and willingness to join forces with others. Therefore ICCO Cooperation promotes and facilitates the collaboration between different types of participants:

civilians (private sphere), social organizations (civil society), enterprises and business (market).

About ICCO India

ICCo is a “not-for-profit” development organisation in India; stands for “Innovative Change Collaborative” in its vision and operational principles as it believes that “Innovative” strategic thinking and “Collaborative” effort are the key to bringing about the desired change in our society and systems.

ICCo offers services in the field of program and financial management, monitoring and evaluation and bridges the gaps between donors and NGO partners ensuring accountability, integrity and desired outcomes.

ICCo’s clients range from foreign Ministries, international donors, INGOs, multilateral and bilateral agencies, corporate sector, group and individual donors depending on the nature of the project.