Nature of Awards

Millennium Alliance offers three types of grants: Stage 1, Stage 2, and South-South. Funding amount for Stages 1 is fixed at Rs. 30 lakhs and, for Stage 2, it is upto Rs. 1 Crore. South-South grant size is determined on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are required to apply for one of these three grant stages. An applicant who desires to scale the model in India as well as in another developing country (besides India) should apply to stage 2 and the south-south category separately.

If an MA evaluator determines than the applicant has applied for a more advanced stage than is suitable, the stage will be down revised.

Piloting or testing an innovation.


Stage 1 funding is intended to support product development and to test the real-world viability of an innovation. Projects may conduct a pilot or other validation of the innovation. They should depart from current practices, be cost effective and must have already established a proof-of-concept. Idea stage projects are not eligible for an MA award.

All Stage 1 awardees receive a Rs. 30 Lakh grant out of which Rs 10 Lakh are strictly earmarked for capacity building.

Scaling or replicating an innovation which has been successfully piloted.


Stage 2 funding supports large-scale implementation of solutions that have demonstrated success at a pilot or small-scale stage. Enterprises should be able to demonstrate the success of their innovation through credible and rigorous evidence. Stage 2 projects should amplify successful innovations from the current areas of intervention to a substantially broader scale.

Stage 2 projects should leverage MA funding strategically to access funding/resources from other project partners, government programs and funders.

Stage 2 awardees will receive a grant of Rs. 1 Crore at most depending on the project stage, merit and needs out of which Rs. 10 Lakh are earmarked for capacity building.

Innovation for developing countries.


Grants for innovations for developing countries are intended to test the real-world viability of a proven Indian innovation in another developing country. Projects should have already gone to scale in India. These innovations should exhibit a strong proof of concept with evidence based data. The projects should demonstrate a departure from current practices and be more cost-effective than alternatives. Applications for global projects are accepted for Health, Agriculture and WASH sectors only under MA Round 5. Global applications in other sectors will not be considered for funding.

Funding can be used for the following activities: to scope demand for the innovation in the LIC, to adapt the innovation based on the requirements of the new context, to build local partnerships for implementation (with NGOs, businesses, or the government), and to run a small-scale pilot. In the application, the enterprise should be able to demonstrate demand for their innovation in the country of replication. Replication to countries in South Asia and Africa are eligible for Stage 3 funding.

Awards Cycle

The decision regarding the Award, including the nature and magnitude of the fund disbursed to the awardee, shall lie with the Evaluation Committee and would be final and conclusive.

Post Awards Management


FICCI will assign a FICCI Award Manager for each of the innovation award who will work closely with the awardee to achieve the MA objectives.


MA Award Managers will also serve as Innovation Advisors, working with MA partners who would conduct needs assessments for MA innovators to identify the support they need to develop their innovations, and helping connect awardees with the range of services needed to develop their innovation business model and approach and bring their innovations to scale.


The Award Manager will closely monitor the progress of each awarded project. Each awardee will have to submit a quarterly and an annual progress report to FICCI as per the report format prescribed by FICCI to the awardee. This format will be shared via an email along with instructions on how to write the progress report.


The awardee should participate in the innovation expositions/events, etc. organized by MA to showcase their innovation.

Technology Development Board

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