A rapidly deployable device for wound care
Sector: Health
Organization : ExCel Matrix Biological Devices Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Aroop Kumar Dutta
Adapting and piloting MIRA in Uganda and Afghanistan.
Sector: Health
Organization : ZMQ Development.
Innovator : Mr. Hilmi Quereshi
Affordable Smartphone Integrated Non Invasive Fetal electrogardiogram Monitor to tackle 300,000 annu
Sector: Health
Organization : Sattva MedTech
Innovator : Mr. Vibhav Joshi
An automated and affordable Point of sample collection screening tool for Cervical Cancer
Sector: Health
Organization : Aindra Systems Pvt. Ltd
Innovator : Mr. Adarsh Natarajan
Angel xpress Foundation: Free learning centers that connect educated adults with slum children
Sector: Education
Organization : Angel Xpress Foundation
Innovator : Ms Anubha Sharma
Art in education
Sector: Education
Organization : Nalandaway Foundation
Innovator : Sriram Ayer
Bhagalpur Banana Fiber Project
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Naugachiya Jan Vikas Lok Karyakarm
Innovator : Mr Madan Mohan Thakur
BioAvert I Biological program of disease aversion for horticulture crops
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Swasti Agro and Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd
Innovator : Mr. Abhay Shendye
Biogas based Cooking Grid
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Gram Oorja Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : Mr. Anshuman Lath
Building Evidence based Scalable & Sustainable eye care model for Ethiopia.
Sector: Health
Organization : Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : K. Chandrshekhar
Cassava Tech
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Science For Society
Innovator : Mr. Tushar Gaware
Clean Energy and Women empowerment through women led enterprise
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : SEWA Bharat
Innovator : Ms Ruchi
CLT e- Patashale Low- cost Innovative e-content for STEM K-12
Sector: Education
Organization : CLT India
Innovator : Ms. Bhagya Rangachar
Community led solutions for girls education
Sector: Education
Organization : Educate Girls
Innovator : Mr. Maharshi Vaishnav
Community owned initiative for food security in tribal area
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Deepak Foundation
Innovator : Dr Jai Pawar
Creating Green Jobs Turning Trash to Treasure for Farmers
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Innovations in Water and Sanitation
Innovator : Mr. Parag Gupta
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Desolenator (in collaboration with eKutir)
Innovator : Mr. Suvankar Mishra
Development of Integrated Energy and Revenue Management System for Mini-grids
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Technology and Action for Rural Advancement
Innovator : Dr. Ashok Khosla
Device for Lab Diagnostics at the doorsteps
Sector: Health
Organization : Neurosynaptic
Innovator : Mr. Sameer Subhash Sawarkar
Dhakka brake - A regenerative brake device to store the momentum needed to push brake
Sector: Others
Organization :
Innovator : Mr Sanjeev Arjun Gaur
Ensuring food security and income generation for poor Farmers of Bangladesh through Innovative Water
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Bhungroo
Innovator : Mr. Biplab Paul
Entrepreneurship Program for Youth
Sector: Others
Organization : Magic Bus India Foundation
Innovator : Ms Meenakshi Mahajan
Expanding solar-as-a-service to lower income households & micro-enterprises in rural India
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Simpa Energy Pvt Ltd (Simpa Networks Inc)
Innovator : Mr. Paul Needham
Facilitation to market access to default organic farmers
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Banyan Roots Organic Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Rohit Jain
Financial Deepening and Economic Inclusion @ Tapping the Unbanked billions
Sector: Others
Organization : FIA Technology Services Private Ltd.
Innovator : Ms Seema Prem
FlapCut technology for costeffective MTB diagnosis
Sector: Health
Organization : Pentavalent Bio Sciences Private Limited
Innovator : Ms Soumya Paul
Freedom from Shame Menstrual hygiene solutions through global expansion of women operated sanitary n
Sector: Health
Organization : Aakar Innovations
Innovator : Mr. Jaydeep Mandal
Haldi Tech
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Science for Society
Innovator : Mr. Vaibhav Tidke
Hamari Paathshala: Collective Action 4 Education
Sector: Education
Organization : Caritas India
Innovator : Mr. Vinod Pandey
Harnessing the destructive energy in pine needles for rural development
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Avani Bio Energy
Innovator : Mr. Rajnish Jain
I Love Reading
Sector: Education
Organization : Katha
Innovator : Ms. Geeta Dharmarajan
Improving farmers' livelihood through end to end agri services in Nepal
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Individual
Innovator : Shashank Kumar
Installation of pressurized recharge wells for creating fresh water pockets in saline ground water a
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : S M Sehgal Foundation
Innovator : Ms Aparna Mahajan
Invisible Visible
Sector: Education
Organization : National Brain Research Centre
Innovator : Dr. Nandini Chatterjee Singh
JALDOOT safe drinking water delivery model
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : SMU Foundation
Innovator : Mr. Vinod Gawande
Jeevandhara Handpumps with filtration system for rural areas
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Transerve Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : Mr. Kirti Ranjan
Sector: Education
Organization : Runira Educational and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : Ms. Rukmini Thakore
Kala Samavesh for inclusion and education of disabilities
Sector: Education
Organization : Snehadhara Foundation
Innovator : Ms Gitanjali Sarangan
Low cost efficient and portable blood cell counter for rural diagnostics
Sector: Health
Organization : MicroX labs
Innovator : Mr. Prakhar Jain
Low cost Innovative and Smart Irrigation Controller
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : FlyBird Farm Innovations Pvt Ltd
Innovator : Mr. Sathish KS
Low Cost Manual Milking Machine
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Innovator : Dr. John Abraham
Low cost odor trap for waterless Urinals
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : Mr. Uttam Banerjee
Low cost technology to distribute financial services across the country
Sector: Others
Organization : Eko India Financial Services Private Limited
Innovator : Mr. Abhishek Sinha
Making elementary education culturally compatible
Sector: Education
Organization : Sikshasandhan
Innovator : Mr Anil Pradhan
MiraCradle to fill void in birth asphyxia treatment
Sector: Health
Organization : Pluss Advanced Technologies Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Ankit Jhanwar
Mobile apps for farmers in regional language
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Jayalaxmi Agrotech Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Anand Babu
Mobile Partograph mLabour
Sector: Health
Organization : Dimagi
Innovator : Rushika Shekhar
Mobile phone based Life-line Channel for Maternal and Child Health and other critical areas of healt
Sector: Health
Organization : ZMQ Development
Innovator : Mr Hilmi Quraishi
Mobile-technology driven family planning model - An ecosystem to achieve high contraceptive prevalen
Sector: Health
Organization : U-Respect Foundation
Innovator : Dr Arundhati Char
MozziQuit to make the World Free of Mosquito Menace
Sector: Health
Organization : Leowin Solutions Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Ignatius Orwin Noronha
Ms. Siddhi Karnani
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Parvata Foods Private Limited
Innovator : Ms. Siddhi Karnani
On demand electricity generation using waste heat generated during cooking for rural households usin
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Greenway Grameen Infra
Innovator : Ms. Neha Juneja
Original Indian Table
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : CropConnect Enterprises Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Puneet Jhajharia
Pico hyro home Lighting in hilly areas
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : PRPP Limited
Innovator : Mr. Sampath Kumar
Pilot demonstration and transfer of Solar Conduction Dryer SCD from India to Nepal
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Science For Society
Innovator : Ms. Shital Somani
Piloting of a Novel Table Top Solar Panel Laminator in rural locations for decentralized manufacturi
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Jnana Prabodhani
Innovator : Dr. Girish Bapat
Popularising Bamboo Polyhouses among small farmers
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Self Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action (SRIJAN)
Innovator : Mr. Ved Mitra Arya
Portable Digital Copra Moisture Meter
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Individual
Innovator : Mr. Sunish Issac
Portable Solar Cotton Picking Machine
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Agventures Corporation
Innovator : Mr. Sunil Kumar
Pre-paid Mobile Payment based Solar Micro Grids
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Boond Engineering and Development Pvt Ltd
Innovator : Mr Rustam Sengupta
Producing More with Less: Promoting Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : AgSri
Innovator : Mr. Biksham Gujja
Rang De
Sector: Others
Organization : Rang De
Innovator : Mr Ramakrishna NK
RIVER MGML Dissemination
Sector: Education
Organization : Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources, RVEC
Innovator : Yerravalli Anantha Padmanabha Rao
Saans - A device to keep, lungs of neonates with RDS open while transferring them from a low resourc
Sector: Health
Organization : Coeo Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator : Mr. Nachiket Deval
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Samagra Waste Management Pvt Ltd)
Innovator : Mr. Swapnil Chaturvedi
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Prakti
Innovator : Ms. Mouhsine Serra
School Transformation Program
Sector: Education
Organization : Kaivalya Education Foundation
Innovator : Mr Mohit Saxena
Smart Madarsa
Sector: Education
Organization : ZMQ Development
Innovator : Ms Subhi Quraishi
Smart NanoPower for Socioeconomic Development of Villages
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : SunMoksha Power Private Limited
Innovator : Mr Ashok Kumar Das
Smart Portable Intensive Care Unit
Sector: Health
Organization : Chitkara University
Innovator : Mr Surya Narayan Panda
Smart weed sensors based E weed control. E. DeWeeder
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Chitkara University
Innovator : Dr Nitin Saluja
Solar Powered Water Purification Centers for Urban and Rural Regions with Poor Grid Access and Water
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Swajal water Pvt Ltd
Innovator : Dr. Vibha Tripathi
Solid waste resource management and environmental sanitation
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : ENVIRON
Innovator : Dr Amarjyoti Kashyap
South - South Replication - Community Drinking Water Systems from India to Rwanda
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Waterlife India
Innovator : Mr. Sudesh Menon
Study on stored grain quality in Hot and Cold Storage System
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Sanjeevani Disaster Equipments Private Limited
Innovator : Ms Shravani R Ladkat
Technology based solutions, with a strong educational core in improving the reading levels of primar
Sector: Education
Organization : Education Initiatives
Innovator : Ms. Vyjayanthi Sankar
Telemedicine for rural women and children in western Kenya
Sector: Health
Organization : World Health Partners (WHP)
Innovator : Mr. Gopi Gopalakrishnan
The Classroom Library
Sector: Education
Organization : Akshara Foundation
Innovator : Ms Asha Sharath
The Women for WASH Initiative
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance
Innovator : Shri Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati
To achieve higher farm productivity and reduce losses using web and mobile technology in Kenya using
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : CropIn Technology
Innovator : Krishna Kumar
Value added Millet Products based Rural Enterprise
Sector: Agriculture
Organization : Centre for Technology and Development
Innovator : Dr. Kalpana Arora
Waste Picker Franchise Model
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Innovator : Mr. Shekar Prabhakar
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Innovator : Mr. J Chandrasekaran
Sector: Water and Sanitation
Organization : Waterlife India
Innovator : Mr Sudesh Menon
Wireless Communication Infrastructure for Rural Settings
Sector: Others
Organization : Kritsnam Technologies Private Limited
Innovator : Mr K Sri Harsha
Women Entrepreneurs for Energy Efficient Slum Homes
Sector: Clean Energy
Organization : Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT)
Innovator : Mr Bhavna Maheriya